TSAI Nourish,

For Green Detox, 30g


  • - Flushes out toxins
  • - Cleanses your system
  • - Increases energy
  • - Improves digestion
  • - Powerful natural superfood blend
  • - Consume 2 tablets daily for best results
  • - One tube = 15 tablets



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Cleanse & Rejuvenate Your Body

Superfood Blend Ingredients

  • Spirulina

    Rich in antioxidants,
    improves energy
    & anti-inflammatory

  • Wheatgrass

    Eliminates toxins,
    improves digestion,
    boosts metabolism,
    detoxifies liver
  • Spinach

    Reduces oxidative stress,
    improves digestion

  • Alfalfa

    Loaded with antioxidants

  • Barley Grass

    Reduces acidity,
    detoxifies your system

  • Moringa

    Reduces inflammation,
    improves blood sugar levels

  • Chlorella

    Binds to heavy metals
    aiding detox

  • Aloe Vera

    promotes skin health

  • Broccoli

    Rich in vitamins,
    minerals and fibre

This powerful formula of superfoods detoxifies your body, cleanses your system and supports your liver. Its flushes out toxic buildup and enhances your body's nutrient absorption capacity.

How to Use


Shruti Shah, Age:32, Noida.

I was facing a lot of health issues like skin allergies and pimples. I also had a lot of bloat and acidity. I was always feeling dull and lethargic. But after i tried Nourish effervescent tablets for 15 days, my digestion improved, my bloat reduced and my allergies reduced. I am going to continue drinking Nourish caz i feel so refreshed and energetic.

Akruti Mehta, Age:29, Surat.

I don't like to eat vegetables. But when i found Nourish and saw the amount of vegetables they have squeezed into a tablet, I was excited to try it out. Now i don't have to worry about eating vegetables anymore! I feel energetic, refreshed and my skin is glowing!

Ajay Malhotra, Age:39, Mumbai.

I have suffered from bloat and acidity for a long time. Tried so many things, but nothing worked out. When I came across Nourish, and tried it out for 15 days. My bloat has disappeared, my acidity has vanished. I have no gas. I feel energised. I can enjoy food now without worrying about a bloat and acidity attack!